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Virgin Music Festival, Toronto Canada - Day 2 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 1
Contributed by Chimera   
Sep 16, 2007 at 06:01 PM
Review: Virgin Music Festival, Toronto Canada - Day 2 (09-09-07)

Virgin Music Ends Summer With Concert Bliss

I lived the ferry ride out of Day 1 to live to tell about Day 2 of the Virgin Music Festival.

Day 2 was the day most everyone was attending due to the expected arrival of The Smashing Pumpkins. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as blissful as the day before, but at least it didn't rain and pour like the ominous clouds made it out to be. Although their was huge expectations from the Pumpkins, there was a plethora of other great bands that were to grace thes stages of the day. Today was the day for a lot of Canadian music such as Tokyo Police Club, Justin Nozuka, Stars, Metric; the possibilities were endless. So much music so little time.

I started off the day with checking out some Brit music from Jamie T, and of course, he was quite entertaining as a brit act usually is. Hits such as "If You've Got the Money" and "Back in the Game" made some happy fans. He quickly went through his set getting people pumping and then Tokyo Police Club entered the scene. They were welcomed with quite a fanfare as they are currently the current Toronto indie darling band. They rocked hard knowing that they couldn't disappoint their home crowd and belted out their hit single/demo "Nature of the Experiment".

Next up was Blonde Redhead on the Futureshop Stage. Their sound levels were actually quite high, which made for some crackling of their songs, but overall they were quite the performers belting, as Kazu Makino whispers, great songs such "Falling Man" and "Dr. Strangeluv". Had to move on to catch Stars and Metric. Stars had mic problems to say the least and they played a very mellow set, though did please the audience with "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead". Next up was Metric with mic problems fixed and sound levels at par. They played a mediocre set, somewhat more mellow than it could have been, but "Poster Of A Girl" did make the set, which pleased everyone watching. They played a good set, but for most everyone waiting, they were there for The Killers and when they took the stage, look out, the mass of people came filling in and all standing ready to be blown away by the Las Vegas crew. Before I enjoyed their music, I rushed over to the autograph tent (yes, yet again) to meet the Editors, who I was actually looking forward to the most this day. To my surprise, the band was on time and fully present. The line was long, but made it through with no problem. There were even a few UK fans that flew in just to see their favourite Brit bands; Editors being one of them. With my smile on my face, I rushed back to catch some of The Killers. They didn't disappoint as they played mostly from their Sams Town album and same set as they are currently touring. To be honest, I didn't wait for the whole set to end as I made it to the Editors stage to propr myself close to the from barracks. This was the show I was waiting for. The Editors rocked the whole hour set and made it a festival to remember. They played every hit off of their two albums ("Smokers Outside The Hospital Door", "Munich", "The Racing Rats", "And End Has A Start", "All Sparks") and not only was the sound and vocals bang on, so was the charisma that Tom Smith is known to bring to the stage. Albeit, he was a little drunk and did seem a bit mad hatter, but it gave so much to the show itself. At the end of the show Tom Smith was so into the music that he did the classic rock move; smashing his guitar on the stage. A perfect exit to a perfect show. The crowd was small, the setting was intimate, which made it feel like you were in a small club venue only there for them. Definately the show of the whole weekend. Needless to say nothing was better than Editors and the Smashing Pumpkins disappointed everyone that was there to see them. Not only was it not the original members of the band and was basically Billy Corgan's attempt back into stardom, but the songs were really off. Corgan raced/massacred through the old songs and devoted his attention on his new album. I did not stage through the whole show and made a smart decision to make it back to civilization early before the real mass exodus began.

All in all I would have to say that this was a very successful festival. Each year the line-up gets bigger and better and the value of the music and good times abound. Definately make it to a Virgin Music Festival in your near future.


-Overall Rating: [A+] (Editors made the grade.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [A-] (Stars had mic problems.)

-Ambience: [A] (Outdoor festivals are always fun.)

-Lighting and Effects: [B+]

-Security: [B+] (More strict as more people showed up.)

-Price and Merchandise: [C] ($30 for a shirt, but then $5 for fries? What gives?

-An island of music: Priceless, for everything else be sure to bring something to sit on.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Jan 23, 2008 at 06:21 PM )
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