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The Stills Tour 2006, Toronto 05-12-2006 Print E-mail
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Contributed by Chimera   
May 14, 2006 at 11:53 AM
Review: The Stills Tour 2006, Toronto 05-12-2006

The Stills Are Still Rockin'

It's been three years since this Montreal quartet, now quintet, graced their fans with new material, but the band is back with, not only, new material, but with a new band altogether. The Stills have undergone many changes alongside their music and it's evident when they play their new music versus their old.

This album's sound has more guitar licks and rolling stones homage, than 80s nu-wave synth pop and bubble gum licks. These boys have grown up and they want to be part of Canada's rock and roll scene. Maybe fellow rocker Sam Roberts has something to do with their new found sound, who knows? One thing is for sure, their sound is more solid, embued with more meaning and passion then just putting words together with catchy keyboard melodies. They also seem to jam their songs out more as if to seem to embrace the melodies of their new songs.

Their new sophomore album "Without Feathers" is representative of the new band formation. They no longer want to be packed together will all the retro revival bands like The Killers, but rather want to join the Dylan bandwagon. With the departure of band founder Greg Paquet, they worked hard to make a new name for The Stills. With a new opening for a lead vocalist/guitarist needed, former drummer of the band, Dave Hamelin jumps to the front of the pack plucking riffs rather than pounding on the pigskin. They have found a new drummer, Colin Brooks, alongside a new keyboardist, Liam O'Neil. Fellow frontman Tim Fletcher and bassist Oliver Crowe round out the band to be a contender in this new wave in their career.

The concert at the little live rock venue, The Phoenix, in downtown Toronto, was an intimate gathering of hardcore Still fans (many of which were teeny wannabe indie boppers wearing black and white stripped shirts to attract the bands attention) who were excited to hear all their old favourites. The band immediately started their show with the new title track off their new album, In_The_Beginning, to let everyone know that their new album was nothing like their old sound from "Logic Will Break Your Heart". But don't fret because they immediately followed with old favourite, Lola_Stars_And_Stripes. Maybe it was deliberate to show the apparent disparateness in their sound. The inauguration from old to new was done. Now we can get over the awkwardness and go straight to playing a good live rock show. The band played a short and sweet set intertwining old favourites with new fodder. Old songs Gender_Bombs, Of_Montreal, Changes_Are_No_Good, Love_And_Death kept the crowd happy while new songs like Helicopters, Oh_Shoplifter, The_Mountain, Baby_Blues, It_Takes_Time and Destroyer kept their appeal alive. Even Justin Peroff (drummer from Toronto's The Broken Social Scene) joined them on stage during She's_Walking_Out on tambourine. All in all it was a great night of music, if that was all you were looking for. The Stills aren't looking for approval, just acceptance of their new style and who they are and want to be.


-Overall Rating: [A] (Intimate and potentially interactive.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [C] (Amped out way too loud boys.)

-Ambience: [B+] (Everyone enjoyed themselves, but way too many teeny boppers.)

-Lighting and Effects: [B] (Nothing fancy.)

-Security: [B] (Basic club goonies.)

-Price and Merchandise: [A] (Low prices so that teeny boppers can support the local music scene.)

-Seeing a sea of sex-crazed striped shirt high school girls: Priceless, for everything else, use Visa.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
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Last Updated ( May 14, 2006 at 11:56 AM )
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