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Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab For Cutie Tour 2006, Toronto 04-17-2006 Print E-mail
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Contributed by Chimera   
Apr 18, 2006 at 05:41 PM
Review: Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab For Cutie Tour 2006, Toronto 04-17-2006

Take Me Out Where Soul Meets Body

There was an assumption that because the venue was changed from the lakeside Docks venue to the Exhibition housed Ricoh Centre, that the more the merry would dance the night away to Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab for Cutie. Unfortuntely, the initial sellout of tickets did not entice a full arena of fans. Even the UK based The Cribs, who opened for the dual headlining bands, didn't rev up enough energy to get people on their feet. It seems that bands like Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie are destined to remain club house residents because they require an intimacy that can only be enjoyed with their music. It's not to say you can't enjoy the music, it's just not the same. Even Alex Kapranos, lead singer of Franz Ferdinand, felt a little disjointed from the crowd as he apologized for the venue as it was "awful". Thankfully he followed up by saying that he loved coming to Toronto as it was the Scotland of Canada and that "was a good thing." You'd think if we were the Scotland of Canada that there would be more revelry and dancing. Not so much. Not to fret, though, as Franz did their damndest to get everyone to have a great time. And kudos to them as they did their job.

Even though Franz Ferdinand have only come together five years ago and only have two full albums to their name and have only really learned to play their instruments when they became a band, they managed to put on a pretty good live show. One thing is for sure, they love the Scottish lassies. Two songs of their set were dedicated to two girls, songs Lindsey_Wells and Eleanor_Put_Your_Boots_On (a somewhat traditional Scottish song, so Krapanos says). The band demonstrated a good selection of songs from both their debut album and current offering, "You Could Have It So Much Better", that it pretty much brought you up to speed as to what these guys were up to. Old favourites like The_Dark_Of_The_Matinee, Michael, 40 ft., and of course, the crowd favourite, Take_Me_Out, brought a lot of people to their feet. During the middle of Darts_Of_Pleasure, Kapranos took some time to introduce each member of the band and showed quite a lot of his Scottish humour while at it. One of the highlights of the evening was when three people were on the drum kit at the same time, banging away to This_Fire. Andy Knowles, the band's best-friend, was there to help out with the musical necessities of drumming as the piano was also needed to be played by Paul Thomson. The band did their new songs proud as they jammed it out to Do_You_Want_To, The_Fallen, This_Boy, Walk_Away, Evil_And_A_Heathen, You're_The_Reason_I'm_Leaving and What_You_Meant. All in all these boys rocked it hardcore and showed what it was like to be a Scottish rock band.

Next up was Death Cab For Cutie with a stage a bit more adorned than Franz Ferdinand. At first, I was a little taken aback with the two little houses erected on the stage with their signature trees in the middle. I kept on thinking little blue smurfs were going to pop out of the houses and then each of the members of the band jump out of the smurf outfits. Death Cab certainly knows how to turn the energy into a melancholy hypnotic atmosphere. We first see Benjamin Gibbard come on stage and take his familiar place at the keyboards and bassist, Nicholas Harmer, as support for Different_Names_For_The_Same_Thing. As as the song winds into the middle chorus, Ben acknowledges the crowd and the rest of the band come on to rock out the song. No more dancing tunes, it was time for soulful indie rock. A funny thing happened during the show as the rink's fire alarm went off with the side lights flashing as a warning for individuals that they should vacate the premises. Fortunately, nothing was wrong and the alarm seemed to be accidentally triggered, but what also was triggered was Gibbard's frustration and anger as the alarm didn't seem to want to turn off. As Gibbard sarcastically jokes, an ice arena is the last place you would think a fire alarm would go off. Nonetheless, the band played on with furvour and ability and reassured the crowd that they weren't going to be detered and were only driven by giving a good show. That they did and they played many songs that hardcore Death Cab fans were proud off...at least, those that still remained after Franz Ferdinand's set. They played a good mix of songs from Photobooth, We_Laugh_Indoors, Marching_Bands_Of_Manhattan, Soul_Meets_Body, The_New_Year, What_Sarah_Said, Passenger_Seat, Amputations from their first album, A_Movie_Script_Ending, Your_Heart_Is_An_Empty_Room, andTransatlanticism. There must have been something in the air because not only was there a drumming frenzy with Franz Ferdinand, but the drumming fever was caught by Ben Gibbard as he jammed on the mini drum kit during the middle of Blacking_Out_The_Friction. Death Cab certainly deserves all their devoted fans because they truly are a great live indie band.

There is much to be expected when two great bands headline together on a North American Tour, but when the most unlikely bands pair up, you are most definately in for an eclectic night of music. Franz Ferdinand did their best to bring the people to their feet and Death Cab certainly brought the fans back down to Earth even if there was a pesky fire alarm annoying them.



-Overall Rating: [A] (Good music can't be beat.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [C] (Death Cab had to raise the PA to drown out the fire alarm.)

-Ambience: [B+] (Everyone enjoyed themselves.)

-Lighting and Effects: [B] (Death Cab houses were creepy, yet atmospheric.)

-Security: [A] (They were actual police officers!)

-Price and Merchandise: [B-] (The shirts were typical tour fodder.)

-Having the drum kit be the star instrument of the show for once: Priceless, for everything else, use Visa.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Apr 19, 2006 at 01:27 PM )
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