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Coldplay Tour 2006, Toronto 03-22-2006 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 1
Contributed by Chimera   
Mar 23, 2006 at 10:41 AM
Review: Coldplay Tour 2006, Toronto 03-22-2006

The Band Delivers Some Twisted Logic

Upon entering the Air Canada Centre, which was the stadium to house this anticipated event, you could tell that the night's concert was anything but typical. Massive lineups to be frisked before entering the building and a barren inner sanctum (all the team banners taken down) provided the scene to what was going to be a very aesthetically pleasing performance, and to no surprise to anyone who knew, this night's performance of two totally sold-out shows was going to be immortalized in the next Coldplay DVD to hits stores later this year. So, of course, it was going to be a big deal...or so it seemed.

One of the greatest treats of the night was the openning act. With the recent solid friendship established between Richard Ashcroft and Chris Martin at last year's Live Aid concert, it was bound to happen that Coldplay would ask the ex-Verve frontman to tour with them on their North American leg. Who would have known that Richard Ashcroft would be openning for Coldplay and not the other way around, given if The Verve did not collapse just before Coldplay came into existence. It would have been Chris Martin kissing Ashcroft's feet and not vice versa. Speaking of feet, when Ashcroft landed on stage he said his hellos and proceded to take off his sneakers and socks. As to what that meant, who really knows. I say he wanted to get grounded to the stage, and I'm sticking to it. There were many Richard Ashcroft fans in the crowd as there were The Verve fans, and Ashcroft was happy enough to appease both. Not pulling a Liam Gallagher spiteful fit, Ashcroft sang songs not just from his solo collection, but songs he pulled out of The Verve vault. Of course, those songs drew the loudest cheers. Ashcroft, not having toured for so long, was a bit shaky and nervous, but after taking off his shoes, he was ready to rock the house. Starting off his 55-minute set, he gave a sample of his latest LP, which he was promoting, with the title track Key_To_The_World and proceeded to sing his latest soulful Curtis Mayfield sampled track, Music_Is_Power. He continued with the new tune Break_The_Night_With_Colour and then broke into The Verve sampling as Ashcroft professed The_Drugs_Don't_Work while continuing with Science_Of_Silence, off of his last solo project, "Human Conditions". He then broke out two more Verve tunes, Sonnet and Lucky_Man and broke the comfort with Words_Get_In_The_Way, a new tune he prefaced with a story about him going through deep Toronto airport after coming from a Cleveland show with his whole family. A newspaper review of his last show saved him anguish as he was recognized from the picture in the paper. He then brought happiness to everyone in the audience, even those who still didn't know who he was, by singing Bittersweet_Symphony, possibly the one-hit wonder of The Verve years. Ashcroft set the scene of the night very nicely, and there was no love lost as everyone waited for the main event to start.

As everyone waited, and waited, and waited, there was a sense of "what was going to happen tonight?". The fact that there was a tech crew army on stage setting up for Coldplay and electronics hooked up all along the ring of the stadium, it certainly must be good, right? When the lights went down, everyone went ballistic; this was it. But again, there was wait, and wait. Was this a stalling tactic to gain more suspense? Even Natalie Portman was confused. Where's the band? Suddenly the screens at the back of the stage lit up with minutes counting down and then the band shows up in full force to the chimes of Square_One. Electronics, lights and sound were all bombastically alive. Then the numbers on the screen started winding up. What did that mean? It definately meant there was going to be an air of confusion laced into the show that night. It was apparent that all the fanfare was definately placed strategically for the DVD with all the cameras flying around. After Square_One, the band went right into Politik and the banging of the strobe lights were a staple of that song. Everyone went wild and at the end of the song, Chris Martin apologized for all the cameras, but that they believed Toronto was the best audience in the world. And they solidified this fact when Yellow was played and all the stadium lights went on to acknowledge the sold-out crowd. As the crowd sang the praises of the song, a sea of huge yellow balloons fell from the ceiling with gold sprinkles lining the stage. This was definately a DVD prepped show. Chris Martin loved it up to the camera and told the crowd, "we auditioned audiences around the world, and we’re afraid you came in number one.” And then they burst into Speed_Of_Sound, and slowed it down with God_Put_A_Smile_On_Your_Face and What_If with an outro of How_You_See_The_World_No.2 (from last year’s "Help: A Day In The Life” compilation).

From this point on, my inklings of Chris Martin wanting to become the next Bono were solidified, not only from X&Y ripping off U2's The Edge riffs, but now on stage as Chris and, lead-guitarist, Jonny Buckland were having Brokeback moments. I guess the drummer, Will Champion, is no longer Chris' best-friend since Jonny is singing whole verses of songs (Don't_Panic) by himself and lying down on stage next to Chris as if to be in a lovefest during the end of White_Shadows. The love didn't end as they went on to play The_Scientist while congregating to the front of the stage for an intimate slow performance of songs. There was a small tribute to Johnny Cash as they played 'Til_Kingdom_Come, a song they wrote for The Man In Black and the hidden track in their current release. They went on to cover Ring_Of_Fire and admitted they got their wardrobe from Cash and the white sneakers from Venus Williams. Again confusion, but at least it explained the group costume affair of all black and white shoes. Not only did we get a rendition of Ring_Of_Fire, Chris also gave the ladies a flash of his torso as he changed his black shirt right on stage to another black shirt due to his over sweating. It would have been even more Brokeback if Jonny changed his shirt alongside Chris as he admitted to overly sweating as well, but he came to his senses and spared the audience the moment. The band went on to close the show with favourites Trouble, Clocks and Talk. The excitement didn't end as the band came on for the 'core to perform three more songs. After bringing the crowd down during Swallowed_In_The Sea, Chris excited the crowd again as he ran to the back of the stadium, climbed up and hang from the rafters while singing In_My_Place. I swear there must not be a happier guy singing, and I don't mean happy in the gay sense...or do I? He truly does love what he does and he should. We are paying up to $100 a ticket to see him perform, so risking his life for our entertainment isn't much to ask. After his hop, skip and jump across the venue, the band topped off the night with Fix_You. After a short 90-minute show, they waved the Canadian flag to all the patrons and walked off the stage. If Chris wants to truly attain Bono status, he better up the shows to at least 2-hours of mania, like Bono loves to do.


-Overall Rating: [A] (A done up show made especially to be filmed.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [A] (Heard the piano nicely.)

-Ambience: [B+] (Everyone enjoyed themselves.)

-Lighting and Effects: [A] (Chris Martin likes lights.)

-Security: [A] (Enough security to make you feel like they needed to be there.)

-Price and Merchandise: [B-] (Umm...if you really want to make trade fair Chris, don't charge $45 for a shirt made in China.)

-Seeing Chris Martin hump his piano chair like a sex-deprived married man: Priceless, for everything else, use Visa.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
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Last Updated ( Mar 23, 2006 at 11:15 AM )
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