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Broken Social Scene Tour 2006, Toronto 01-20-2006 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Contributed by Chimera   
Jan 21, 2006 at 07:57 PM
Review: Broken Social Scene Tour 2006, Toronto 01-20-2006

Toronto is The Broken Social Scene

The heart of the real musician lies in the music and not the fame, money or image; it's the music. It's always about the music and the people you make it for that gives life to the sounds you create. This is the heart of The Broken Social Scene. They have been dubbed as Toronto's Indie darlings and they are certainly living up to the hype and making a name for themselves and for the music scene of Toronto. They are a rock orchestra that never disappoints the crowds of loyal fans and listeners that flock to their concerts as if it were a pilgrimage to the holy grail and Toronto is the holy land. They make no bones about who they cater to and how proud and passionate they are about their hometown. Their mission is to make the music scene of Toronto one of the foremost meccas of music where you can find whatever you are looking for. It's evident their mission is turning into a success. The collaboration of friends and colleagues in this band make it worth whatever you are paying for to see and hear them. I have to admit they are one of my favourite bands and they haven't disappointed me ever since I came upon them. They embody all the elements of a band that I think a band should encompass, mainly, the idealistic virtues of musicians and the passion and drive to do what makes them happy. It's rare to find a band that plays without regret and who can make mistakes in their music sound good. The camaraderie among everyone in the band resounds in the music in which they collaborate. The most amazing thing about this band is that there are so many members! At most there can be 15 and at the least 8 come out to play. Most everyone in the band has their own side band that they are working and fostering with care, but come together whenever they can to perform with The Broken Social Scene. This makes the performances each unique because you never know who will show up and make an appearance. The set is based on who is performing that night, which makes each show different and never boring. The two staples of the band are Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning who always pump the crowd up and aren't shy about talking to their fans on stage.

At the first show in Toronto at the Koolhaus, a club cum concert venue, it takes a while for BSS to show their face, but you knew there was going to be a great show ahead as the buzz in the room generates among the drinkers and those not allowed to wear wristbands. Everyone is here to hear great music and chill with the grooves of ambient rock. The stage was laden with a bevy of instruments, all to be used to create an unimaginable cacophony; a dissonance that just works. Just when people are starting to get restless of the reggae beats that the warming DJ is playing, the band comes onto the stage at around a quarter to ten. Finally some music! They all roll onto the stage fresh from backstage reverie, drink and smoke to face the crowd and to pump out some tunage. Kevin takes the mic and confidently cries out to the crowd, "we do this for you!". A statement that the fans already know and love. They are truly a band dedicated to their fans, most certainly expressed through their gift of free concerts. The crowd goes mad as they start the show. Make no mistake, these guys know how to play. Even though there may be 5 guitarists, 2 drummers, 5 singers, a mini horn section, a keyboard and a plethora of melodies and chords, it all comes together to form a beautiful sound. They all can feel the music and jam together like nobodys business. They know each other so well that even mistakes are welcomed as it gives the band a new sound to work with. It makes you wonder how many songs were created just from someone playing a wrong chord at the right time.

All the words are sang back to every song they play. Of course, this tour is in celebration of their new release, Broken_Social_Scene, a self-titled album that finally makes it on the music scene. They play quite a few songs off the album and give the songs credit on-stage as they sound great live as they do produced. Warming up the crowd with "Capture The Flag" as the instruments get a taste of what's to come. Songs off of the new album that make an appearance include "Major Label Debut", the slow version and the faster version at the end of the set, "Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)", a song that Kevin reveals is about killing your friend and one of my favourites, "7/4 (Shoreline)", "Fire Eye'd Boy", "Superconnected", "Bandwitch", and the dance nation part of the show featured the song "Hotel". Let's not forget that the band never gets tired of playing crowd favourites from their last album, Feel_Good_Lost, like "Almost Crimes", a song in which they flubbed in the middle, but picked up pace like nothing happened, "Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl", which brought out bandmate Feist, "Cause=Time", "Looks Just Like The Sun", "Pitter Patter Goes My Heart". Another favourite BSS song of mine is "Stars and Songs", that made an appearance on stage with everyone coming out from backstage to clap to the clapping portion of the song, a move that always brings the crowd into the song. "KC Accidental" and "Loverspit" make the crowd, of course, go nutty for more. The band closes the night off with a great rocked out version of "It's All Gonna Break", a 70s inspired rock lick.

The night was an inspiring collection of music and lovefest. There were a few highlights that gave the show character. Kevin's plea to the listeners to vote in the upcoming Canadian election was highlighted a couple of times during the night. A couple of short and sweet soapbox pleas of political inspired speeches weren't preachy, but true in what he was talking about. He admitted he wasn't a registered voter, which did make him a hypocrite, but he acknowledges that he recognizes the benefits that Canada holds and provides to it's citizens. He took a poll of everyone on stage to see if they would or have voted and moved on to close with the fact that everyone should vote, at least to keep the music alive by keeping the country together. The band never forgets to recognize it's members and friends, and Kevin gave a shout out to fellow indie artist, Howie Beck, who could just have been in the crowd. K-Os, another fellow local musician/rapper, and who collaborated on their latest album, came out on stage and body-surfed alongside Feist. He almost was dropped a few times, but made it through unscathed. Art school was praised as a few of the members went to the same school and funny enough, Michael Jackson showed his face, not physically, but through music. The band teased the crowd with the opening riffs of "Billie Jean". I almost fainted...who would have thought that just an unsuspecting song would be played by a band like BSS? Miracles do happen. All in all the night was a great night for music as this band plays a two-night sold out stint in Toronto, January 20th and 21st.

The Broken Social Scene are here to stay, if not forever as a band, but forever in inspiration.


-Overall Rating: [A+] (A band you can smoke to and not feel bad about it if you're not a smoker.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [A] (It was loud.)

-Ambience: [B+] (Didn't enjoy the less than 19 crowd, but tolerable.)

-Lighting and Effects: [A] (There weren't much effects, which gave more focus on the band.)

-Security: [A] (Enough security to make you feel like they needed to be there.)

-Price and Merchandise: [B+] (I bought a shirt.)

-Seeing real music from real people: Priceless, for everything else, download it!

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Jan 21, 2006 at 08:12 PM )
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