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Jann Arden 2005, Toronto 11-08-05 Print E-mail
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Contributed by Chimera   
Nov 13, 2005 at 06:35 PM
Review: Jann Arden 2005, Toronto 11-08-05

Sincerely Arden

It's unfortunate that an artist from Canada that possesses so much talent and passion about her music cannot break free from the restraints of national success. I often wonder if it's just the culture of Canada that keeps artists like Jann Arden from breaking it through in the American market or does the distinct sound just not cut it for American record labels? After watching Jann Arden's documentary of her basically busking it in small bars in various US cities and then coming to sold out arena performances here in Canada, it boggles my mind to try to decifer the discrepancy that exists between two neighbouring nations when it comes to music. Granted, there are many Canadian acts that are very successful across the border, but there are others that seem to be on the same level that just don't crack it. It's an enigma that exists to this day. Maybe it's just luck, or maybe these artists just don't sound American enough...is that what it takes? Is it worth it?

Nothing compares to seeing Jann Arden live. Her studio albums are nicely packaged with melodic pop songs lyrically integrated with Arden's personal thoughts and feelings. Her newest release, which is her self-titled contribution and focus of her current tour, is no exception. Her concerts have more than just great live music, it's a comedy act entwined with great music. Yes, you heard me, Jann Arden is a comedian! She's well-known for her corky sense of humour, and she really is funny. She uses this to her advantage as she uses this to capture an audience with comfort and hospitality. When you're at one of her shows it really does feel like you're watching a friend perform. Cheesy as that may sound, it's true and quite refreshing. It's no wonder all her shows sell out. It surprised me as she added a full week of shows to her Toronto stop over, after only having posted two shows to begin with a few months prior. It goes to show you how popular an artist can be just by being genuine.

The night started off with an act who was also her roadie. Don't ask, I'm not sure. He was ok as he was a one act solo acoustic guitarist that also had a back up band comprised of his iPod. Genius idea, but he's not the first to come up with that little gem from his back pocket. I wasn't too impressed with that to be honest. It seemed kind of a cop out, but what can you do? Beggars can't be choosers. When Jann Arden came on, everyone immediately roared with excitement. They knew they were in for a great evening. And a great evening it was. Arden's vocals were so on key that she made singing look effortless. She's one of my favourite voices. Most of the songs in the evening came from her Jann_Arden release, as to be expected, and she joked that it was an evening of favourites. I knew off the bat that her hits would soon find their way on the stage. She also joked that her favourites meant a very depressing night. No matter, she immediately relieves any depression with her quick witted stories in the interim. Noted songs include, "Calling God", which was inspired from her visit to Ethiopia for her World Vision efforts. "Where No One Knows Me", "I'd Be Glad", "All Of This" and the renewed hit, "I Would Die For You", also made an appearance. She closed off her show with her most favourite hit, "Mother", which sent everyone cheering. She then came back for a three-song acoustic encore with further hits like "Insensitive" and "Waiting In Canada"

At the end of it all I enjoyed myself fully and it was a relaxing great evening with a very appreciative artist. These are the types of concerts that make you feel good about spending your money to see a "pop star".


-Overall Rating: [A] (Jann Arden was good.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [A] (Small venue, but good sound.)

-Ambience: [B+] (The venue is so old, your view is not only obstructed, it's away from the stage.)

-Lighting and Effects: [B-]

-Security: [A] (None...they were just ushers!)

-Price and Merchandise: [B+] (Not very good choices, but not badly priced either.)

-Getting a music show and a comedy show: Priceless, for everything else, "ferget about it!"

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Nov 14, 2005 at 04:26 PM )
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