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U2 Vertigo Tour 2005, Toronto 09-16-05 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 1
Contributed by Chimera   
Sep 24, 2005 at 08:40 PM
Review: U2 Vertigo Tour 2005, Toronto 09-16-05

Bono Desperate Plea For The Nobel Peace Prize

When I went to this concert in my fair city, I wasn't expecting much since I went to see them on their first leg in Boston, MA, but when I got there I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't walk out as disappointed as I thought I would. I was so afraid that they would be playing their exact same playlist as their first leg. Suffice it to say the first time around sucked, but to tour so much and not adjust the setlist along the way is just utterly disconcerting. I mean they must know that they have fans who follow them around everywhere and would pay top dollar for their used underwear, right? Fortunately, they did change up their setlist and they did realize that "Vertigo" is not a good enough song to play twice in one night. I don't know any song in history that is that good, that's another debate, but at least the band woke up. I mean if I'm contributing to a $50 Million tour then I better get some music that I am expecting.

The only real highlights in this concert were the little things that happened. I think Bono was more relaxed and felt that the fans deserved some attention. His fairy dance can only sustain our attention so long. But there were spontaneous moments that made this concert memorable for everyone that attended. I have to say this one was definately better than Boston, sorry Bostonians, but it's true. Even the mistakes that happened here proved that it was a better concert because it broke the persona of their perfection. Even Adam Clayton isn't perfect. He fucked up on the first song, "City of Blinding Lights", when he played the notes on the keyboard out of sync. Even Bono flubbed the lyrics when he sang "Miracle Drug" at the end, but granted it was late and he was gracious to sing so many songs, but it was nice to see him screw up. He is human!

Even though their new album isn't the best album U2 have produced, ok let's be honest, the worst album to come from a band of this calibre, they did play songs that I was hoping would be resurrected. Personal favourites like "One", "With or Without You", "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Pride" brought the crowd to their feet. Even though these songs were great, Bono's voice wasn't. For some reason, Bono wants to break into the opera scene. He kept on singing in Italian and trying to break the falsetto only to hear cracks in his voice. This all seems to be inspired from his father because, according to Bono who gave us the full story, he was heavy into opera. Bono's song, "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own", is written and dedicated to his dear old man. It was actually quite heart warming and sentimental. It almost seemed like Bono was welling up, just like the woman next to me. The one thing that is clearly apparent is that Bono can have the worst voice in the world, but it's The Edge that keeps the song alive. That man can play. Every song that U2 has created is unique because of The Edge's unique guitar riffs. They're not anything insanely complicated or special, mind you, but they are entirely intoxicating. It is a huge thing for a lead guitarist to create a unique song recognized around the world. The Edge has that sound, and it doesn't hurt having a huge soundboard programmed with all his guitar specs that allows him to play every song perfectly live. It gives another meaning to lip-syncing.

The other highlights of the night were U2's two encores, the second being the best because it was the longest, which isn't characteristic of a second encore. They pulled a surprise out of their hats by playing "Fast Cars". During the second 'core, Bono decides to call up a jazz legend who happens to be celebrating his birthday the same day, B.B. King. So Bono decides to pull out a phone on stage to call him at home. The Edge dials the number because he's "the technical one" and manages to get B.B. King on the phone. Bono spoke to him a little bit and wished him a Happy Birthday along with about 20,000 people. That's right, Bono got practically everyone to sing Happy Birthday to B.B. King. That must have been a thrill for B.B., I know it would have totally blown my mind. The kind of pull Bono has with people still boggles my mind. Not only did he speak to a great jazz legend, he brought up a local band from Toronto onto the stage. This seems to be a tradition with U2 as they bring some lucky fan onto the stage making their lives that much more worth living. But this one local band was lucky enough to be U2 for one night as U2 gave up their instruments to each of these unknown guys to play. It was nuts! I mean, give it up to these guys who chose to play a really unknown U2 song like "Out of Control" from Boy. The guys did really well. They must have been pissing in their pants on stage, but you couldn't tell as they didn't seem to miss one note. The boys from U2 couldn't give them all the spotlight, so they took it back in the middle and finished off the song. Those guys have a story to tell for the rest of their lives.

Overall though, I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Bono still took 15 minutes out of the concert to blab about poverty and how we should all donate money and text message to our Prime Minister because Bono needs his own money to fly to all the countries in the world to talk to their world leaders about donating more money. I guess when you're in search for the Noble Peace Prize, you still have to live in style.


-Overall Rating: [B+](Bono still skipped like a fairy.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [C] (TOO LOUD! Guess he didn't hear us at the last concert.)

-Ambience: [B] (Bono made the audience do the wave...the wave!)

-Lighting and Effects: [B+] (The video curtains were way cool.)

-Security: [B] (They didn't bother me too much.)

-Price and Merchandise: [D] ($40...umm, aren't I supposed to donate my money to poverty?..I'm confused)

-Not hearing the song Vertigo twice: Priceless, for everything else use your cellphone.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
Last Updated ( Oct 15, 2005 at 03:34 PM )
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