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Bloc Party Tour 2005, Boston 09-08-05 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Contributed by Chimera   
Sep 24, 2005 at 08:38 PM
Review: Bloc Party Tour 2005, Boston 09-08-05

A True Bloc Party

You gotta love going to see some good'ol British boys play some UK Rock cum Retro Dance music. This is what Bloc Party gives to it's audience, just some good rock music you can dance to. There's that certain kind of beat in Bloc Party songs that lead you to tap your feet, which leads you to moving the rest of your body.

Bloc Party comprise of Kele Okereke (guitar and vocals), Matt Tong (drums), Russell Lissack (guitar), and Gordon Moakes (bass and vocals). They are a group of boys with some interesting influences that is witnessed in the music they compose. With influences from bands like Bjork to Neil Young, and Mogwai to Weezer, their eclectic mix comes out in their unique British sound. Like most UK rockers, they are quiet and subdued in real life, but loud and jubilant on stage. I guess that's where they feel most comfortable to let it all out. And let it all out is what they did at the Avalon in Boston. A nice little preppy club to complement the juicy music these boys have to offer.

With the release of their debut first album, Silent Alarm, they have burst onto the UK Indie scene and right at ease here on North American territory with aplomb. Not only did their first album top the charts in the UK, but it quickly followed with a remixed version with some not so small names from the UK. And it's really good. Not your usual remix of beats thrown into the original song to make it sound somewhat like a remix dance song, it's actually their original songs warped into an alternate version of beat fantasy. But don't let that deter you from their live versions of their songs, which are really good as well. You don't really know whether a band is good or not until you've seen them live, and if they can carry their own and carry the audience with them...then they're good. Bloc Party not only carried the audience along, they made them sing.

The night opened with The Kills, an Anglo-American duo comprising of W and Hotel. Yes, those are their stage names. Specifically, it's Alison Mosshart and Britain Jamie Hince, who met in the UK and formed a band together. Most people didn't even know who they were, but were mezmerized by the utterly close rapport they had. Granted, so was I. They bust out rock music at it's bare minimum and leave the stage with what they offer. It geared up the audience nicely for the main event.

When the lads graced the stage, everyone cheered. The band thanked the audience in true British style and began to play a set that was sure to tame any rowdy crowd. They played all the right songs that night. Of course, everyone was waiting for their smash hit "Banquet", and when they played it everyone knew from the first note what was to come. This generated a mass of sing-a-long voices and swaying bodies. Another sing-a-long favourite was "Like Eating Glass". When your fans sing with you, you know you're not doing too bad. Especially for a UK band invading the US, that is a feat unto itself. If you're not a very mainstream act like Coldplay, you're not going to make it very far, but Bloc Party seem to have struck a chord here. The 90-minute set was just what the crowd needed to feel at ease. Their next stop back will sure pull in another full capacity crowd.


-Overall Rating: [A-] (It took an hour for them to get on stage.)

-Sound and Acoustics: [B-] (I could hear the guitar chords in my ear.)

-Ambience: [B] (Too many preppy kids.)

-Lighting and Effects: [A-] (Just enough to light the stage.)

-Security: [A] (They were cool.)

-Price and Merchandise: [D] ($35 for silk screen shirts I could make myself? Umm...no thanks.)

-UK in the US: Priceless, for everything else use Mastercard.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
[email protected]
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Oct 25, 2005 at 07:06 PM )
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