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Tori Amos Tour 2005, Toronto 08-26-05 Print E-mail
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Contributed by Chimera   
Aug 28, 2005 at 07:31 PM
Review: Tori Amos Tour 2005, Toronto 08-27-05

Tori's Summer of Sin Appeases Fans

The one thing you can be guaranteed when you go see Tori play is that you will certainly not be disappointed. This tour is themed the Summer of Sin Tour as it complements her new release "The Beekeeper". This year, she not only satisfied her fans with more Tori tidbits via print, as she released a new biography this year, she also gave us another window into her soul via music. Tori has a way of expressing her thoughts in a very intricate and metaphoric way. Her music is not for the faint of heart because she tells it like it is, and if you break through her symbolism, you can find the tinge of shock value that her music is loved for.

Tori Amos is one of those artists that is very in touch with who she is inside and out. She's very public with her life through her music and when she speaks of her music, she vocalises her life even more. She's not afraid in connecting with her fans, and with this tour, she communicates that even more.

The day wasn't that great for a concert as it poured down rain, but it managed to stop as people started to file into the venue. Tori, as the Foo Fighters before her, also brought in two opening acts, the Ditty Bops and The Like. The Like weren't that bad as their mix of music is more alternative pop. The Ditty Bops on the other hand were more characters than anything on stage. One of the lead singers came in a 50s-style swinging gown with a red wig and red balloons. During one of her songs referring to balloons, she started doing a perfomance piece where she was quite engaged with the red balloons. I know a lot of the audience were not ready for them.

The fans were ready for Tori, however, and when she came out everyone screamed. I've never heard so many guys scream for her as I did tonight. The stage was set just for her as it was basically lined with pianos, so you know it was going to be a solo set. Already the anticipation was high. On stage we had her usual grand piano, two organs and an electronic keyboard. Tori came out in an exquisite pink dress and heels (she's well-known for playing the piano with heels). Tori is all about sex appeal and no doubt she was sexy. When you watch her play it's like watching her make love to her songs. Her passion for her music is evident in every song she plays. When she's really banging on the ivory keys, it looks like she's making love to it. She's also known for being able to play two piano instruments at once, this is where you truly see her orgasm on stage. As the bars of music climax in the song, so too it looks like Tori climaxes with the music as she plays an organ with one hand and her piano with the other. She has quite the charisma and humour as she interacts ever so slightly with the audience. Tori's voice was right on key and she welcomed her fans whole-heartedly as she presented us with two encores. One of the highlights of her tour this year is a section in her set where she plays cover songs requested by the fans. During her "Tori's Piano Bar" moment here in Toronto, she played two very well-known, and I suppose mostly requested, Canadian greatest hits. The first song she sang was a slow piano rendition of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind". The next cover she did was of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now". Both songs were amazingly done and a great treat for us fans. My most favourite part of the night was the fact that Tori's voice was right on. She never missed a note, or cracked a song. She even stopped to put on lipgloss and take a strip of something to lubricate her mouth. "Even on stage you need lubrication girls". Sound advice Tori.


-Overall Rating: [A]

-Sound and Acoustics: [A] (Just Tori.)

-Ambience: [A] (There was even fireworks in the background.)

-Lighting and Effects: [B+]

-Security: [A] (They didn't have much work to do here.)

-Price and Merchandise: [D] ($45 dollar concert shirts..come on Tori.)

-Summer of Sin with Tori orgasming on stage: Priceless, for everything else use lube.

Written and Reviewed By: Kay (Chimera)
CrystalOne Radio
Last Updated ( Aug 29, 2005 at 07:28 AM )
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