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IRC Rules Print E-mail
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Written by CPU Killer   
Jun 07, 2005 at 12:45 PM

CrystalOne Radio IRC Network/Channel Rules

These rules apply to all server channels & general public channels.
(This includes #crystalone.radio, #main, & any help channel)
Please watch the channel for a few minutes before asking any questions!
Please read the topic & the bot's onjoin message.
It is your responsibility to know these rules, Ignorance is not an excuse.
New here? Type !noob in #crystalone.radio before asking any questions.


01) Be Nice! We are pretty relaxed here, but being a jackass will get you kicked!
02) Do not offend ANYONE
03) Casual swearing is OK, just don't take it to an extreme
04) We are trilingual, you can speak US, UK, or Aussie English.
05) NO Auto Greets
06) NO MP3 Spamming (/me is currently listening to: ...)
07) NO annoying away scripts
08) NO bright annoying colo(u)rs
09) Talk on POLITICS or RELIGION is allowed, but everyones opinion is valid, except for the Ops, their opinion is more valid
10) Do not PM or IM Admins or DJs until you ask for permission first
11) Do not point out rules to Ops (you don't tell a cop that he's speeding)


Reasons for getting KICKED or BANNED At Ops Discretion:

* Heckling the DJ
* Using colored text or BOLD text to an extreme
* Spamming, Flooding, Repeating
* Running Unapproved Triggers, Announcements, Bots, Fserves, etc
* Offending other channel members
* Asking for Op Status, Hop Status or Voice
* Annoying Nicks, you will be asked to change it if someone doesn't like it!
* Blind DCC sends or Chats to anyone without asking them first in the channel or PM
* Shaking your finger at an Op while pointing the other to these Rules.
You don't tell a Police Officer he cant speed. Only Warning!


What do the Status character in IRC me mean (i.e. ~, &, @, %, +)?

~: CrystalOne Admin / Channel Owner
&: CrystalOne Radio Official Bot / Protected from kicks
@: CrystalOne Radio DJs
%: Established/respected users, and DJs in Training
+: Voiced, most ppl have this, nothing to be proud of.

Useful Links:

Winamp (mp3 player)- http://www.winamp.com
Skype (pc calling program) - http://www.skype.com
TeamSpeak (pc calling program) - http://www.teamspeak.org


Radio Bot Triggers: !listen !song !dj !playlist !request @find


[These Rules are a collective effort by many individuals! Abide by these rules & your experience here will be an enjoyable one! This list can changed at ANY moment, for ANY reason.]

End Transmission........

Last Updated ( Oct 04, 2006 at 01:16 PM )
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