You must have a computer that can stream music at 64kbps, 44.1 kHz, Mono. This means you need a Cable, DSL or higher connection speed. Dial-up will not make the cut. (Note: You must have no large files transferring while DJing.

You must have a program that can support the DJing programs. It is highly recommended that you have Windows XP(Home or Pro) or Linux/BSD

You must have a Pentium 3 or higher, or an AMD equivalent.

256 MB of Ram or higher and a decent sound card, don't go out of your way to buy a expensive sound card.

And of course a nice music library with a minimum of 600 songs to start, reaching 2000 with 100 per week with 500 varied artists.

A little rule I would like to include here is that making your scheduled times is very important to CrystalOne's and your own reputation as a good station and a great DJ. We don't expect perfection but do your best. Thank you for you cooperation.

Lets keep moving!